Friday, October 22, 2010

Vegas Baby!

This post is dedicated to my very first Vegas trip. Sure I'm a senior and this was WAY overdue, but I wouldn't have chosen my first time to have happened any other way.

The trip was for a missionary farewell! My dearest friend Hillary Ashman has been called to serve in the Rome, Italy mission. Naturally, I'm completely excited for her to go! Sure, it's not Milan, but if I had to choose a second place winner for best mission in the world, I would choose Rome :).

Hillary drove down in her trusty beetle bug, named Heimlich, and we spent Saturday, Sunday, Monday and the wee hours of Tuesday having a blast!

The pictures posted are just a fraction of the ones we actually took. I used my super handy cell phone to snap these priceless images. I had always wanted to see an Elvis impersonator in
real life. Super feathery show girls? They were
just icing on the cake!

By far my very favorite part was the Belagio water show. The first song was "time to say goodbye" and was sung in Italian. How perfect is that? My obsession with everything Italian is still alive and thriving even though it's been nearly 7 months since I last stepped foot in that blessed country. Don't judge me if I cried a little during the show, you probably would have too!

While in Vegas, I learned something about human nature. As I walked the strip with my friends, I observed the people around me and realized that most of them had no fear of anything. Maybe it's just the peculiar atmosphere of Vegas that prompts this fearlessness or maybe it's because that is how you are supposed to act in Vegas. People walking around with gigantic drinks in their hands, major public displays of affection and to top it off, the feeling of "anything goes because we're in Vegas baby!"

The trip wasn't like I expected it to be, but it was fun all the same. The strip is a carnival...that's the best term for it. There is everything and more available and for those like me who go to see the sights and spend our money at H&M or Sephora, it's a great experience.


  1. Oh, by the way, the Eiffel Tower picture is one I did NOT take.

  2. Love that you got to experience Vegas. The Bellagio fountains are my very favorite part of Vegas too. I could sit there for HOURS.