Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where to even start?

The last time I posted to my blog I was still a student at SUU, struggling through the swamp of homework and drowning in the anxiety that is a final semester of my baccalaureate career. Well, good news sports fans! I passed with flying colors and am officially a graduate, even if I don't have the classic photo of me in a black flowing robe with a pointed cap on my head, shaking hands with the President of the University. That will all come in due time, May-ish.
However, life doesn't stop getting interesting for this girl! Just to give you a fun time-line of my life the last two weeks, let's start with Friday of last week. I officially had my last final on Thursday and Friday I drove to SLC for interviews. I was there Friday and then came back for the weekend. Monday I was back up again for interviews, meeting up with old mission comrades and preparing for Tuesday's interviews.
Tuesday came and left with a LOT of running around, but also having the greatest opportunity of my professional career (more details to follow) Wednesday I was offered the perfect position for me and promptly went on a mad search for housing (seeing as how I start on Friday of this week). So in one week ALL of this happened :)
I couldn't be happier.
So, who is the lucky company to have acquired me? DaVinci Virtual! I had a phone interview over Thanksgiving, interview on Friday in person and then a call back for Tuesday. At the 3rd interview, they offered me a position better suited for me and I accepted it Wednesday morning. I'm so excited to start working with them! The company is legit, fantastic and growing like crazy. I'm very lucky.
But isn't that how it goes? You work like everything depends on you and pray like everything depends on God and look what happens! Tutto a posto. :) Everything lands in its place.