Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, I tried getting into the last book I was working on reading, but honestly, I just couldn't. Sorry if you were holding your breath while I attempted to finish it. It didn't keep my attention at all. Maybe it's just not my style or maybe there are so many other INCREDIBLE books out there to read!

Example: The Diet Rebel's Cookbook: Eating Clean and Green.

At first glance, I thought "oh great, another book to tell me I can eat whatever I want and never gain an inch because of blah blah blah". However, this clever, witty and all-around fabulous cook book is so much more! I have always wanted to find that perfect book to teach me how to eat healthy and the added benefits of doing so without turning me into a rabbit or a tofu-only-girl.
The Diet Rebel's Cookbook gives you facts, tried and true techniques and the research made user-friendly. The recipes are good for a student/intern like me with a limited budget (not limited imagination) who wants to make something incredible and not just hit up Taco-Bell every night. While in all honesty, the lack of pictures is disappointing for a visual learner like me, the content more than makes up for it! So far, I adore this book and get excited to look for organic products and start feeling even more fantastic.

So, if you are wanting to get back on track soul, body and diet or are just looking for some added elements to make your already healthy life-style a little more exciting, this is the perfect book for you.

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  1. Thanks Kayla. I'm working on my site now but really have no experience or expertise in anything visual.
    I think I've got -simple & user friendly- down but no video and need to increase the fun factor. Thanks again.